COP 1638+/COP 1838+/COP 2238+: Hydraulic rock drill - Atlas Copco Sverige


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COP 1638+/COP 1838+/COP 2238+: Hydraulic rock drill

COP 2238HD is a heavy duty, high speed, hydraulic rock drill for face drilling and long-hole drilling in the 38 to 64 mm hole range. Designed for drilling in tough conditions, it provides long component life with low operating costs. Atlas Copco’s dual-damping system provides high penetration rate and excellent drill steel economy.

Funktioner och fördelar

  • Heavy duty front head design for long component life and low running costs.
  • Efficient, hydraulic dual-damping system together with a floating adapter results in high productivity and good drill steel economy.
  • Powerful stepless variable and reversible rotation motor means high torque with excellent speed control.

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